Amelco Industries Ltd

The company was established in 1972 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Amelco Industries Ltd is one of the first industries in the south-eastern Mediterranean and Middle East area to supply most of the mattress producers with the necessary raw materials and machinery for the manufacture of innerspring mattresses. The company's objective is to continuously strive to improve the final mattress product and act as a partner to its customers by supporting their bedding needs.

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+357 22484444
P.O.Box 22361, Nicosia, Cyprus 1520
+357 22484444
P.O.Box 22361, Nicosia, Cyprus 1520

Frame Machine

You name it, we frame it!

The Frame Machines FF-1 & FF-1S bend and cut border frames for spring units which are ideal for flat steel strip frames, the FF-1R is suitable for round border wire, while the FF-1U can accommodate both types of frames, flat and round. It can be easily programmed for any size and shape of frame. A single operator using the Frame Machine can easily produce, weld, anneal, and stack 1000 frames per 8-hour shift.

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    • The machine measures, bends and cuts border frames for spring units and is ideal for flat steel strip frames.
    • The machine can be easily programmed for any specific size or shape of border frames: rectangular, polygonal and round shape.
    • Practically unlimited number of memory locations allows the operator to store all commonly used sizes or create new ones.
    • Fully adjustable feeding speed to suit the operator’s welding performance.
    • Computerized, operator-friendly logic circuits, controlled by PLC, give additional safety, flexibility and reliability. A predetermined number of
    • frames can be specified.
    • Operation stops automatically if feeding jams or material runs out.
    • A single operator can easily produce, weld, anneal and stack 1000 frames per 8-hour shift (on rectangular shape).
    • A foot operated butt welding / annealing machine model WEL3 is supplied with the Frame Machine to join the 2 ends.

    The machine carries the CE certification of safety.

    Table dimensions to suit the maximum border frame size to be produced. A semi-circle of 2.2m radius table is normally supplied. The size of the
    table can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

    • Steel Strip: 1.7x10mm, 1.4x10mm, 1.4x6mm etc.
    • Electrical Supply: 220V, single phase, 1kW. If butt welding is used, 400V, 3-phase, 8kW.
    • Compressed Air Supply: 0.5m3 per hour at 6kg/cm2.
    • Shipping Weight: 850kg
  • Automatic measuring, bending and cutting with manual welding.

    The material in coils (up to 500kg), can be easily loaded on to the specially designed pneumatically operated swift, by a single operator, without the need of any lifting equipment (forklift).
  • If steel strip used needs straightening before bending, model FF-1S incorporates a straightening device as part of the system.
  • The FF-1R has all the features of the standard FF-1 and FF-1S machines and is suitable for round wire of diameter 3mm - 6mm

    Comes with a motorized 1 tonne wire swift.  Maximum wire coil diameter 100cm

    6-stage horizontal and 6-stage vertical digitally controlled straightening devices ensure good results on any wire quality and with easily repeated settings.The machine will measure bend to any specific size and shape and will hydraulically cut the wire.

    Twin pair of feeding wheels gives accurate measuring capability and positive drawing of wire without slipping.
    Motorised cutter allows border wire of up to 5mm diameter to be used.
    No compressed air is required.
    Electrical power requirement 4 kW.
    If Butt Welding is used 8 kW instantaneous power is needed.

  • The FF-1U combines all the frame forming machines FF-1, FF-1S and FF-1R.

    The machine will cater for Flat Steel Strip Frame with 200 kg (standard) coil pneumatically operated swift, as well as for round wire border frame of up to 5mm diameter with a 1-ton motorised wire swift.